Trading The Connors Windows Strategy – Larry Connors

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Trading The Connors Windows Strategy – Larry Connors

Original price was: $111.00.Current price is: $33.00.

Trading The Connors Windows Strategy – Larry Connors Download. A Connors Window is a 1-4 day trade which pinpoints sharp market moves that occur off of pul…


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What Is A Connors Window?

A Connors Window is a 1-4 day trade which pinpoints sharp market moves that occur off of pullbacks in a strongly trending market. In this training module, Larry teaches you how to find moves such as this:

What Will I Learn From The Connors Training Module?

First, Larry will teach you the five types of Windows. These are GapWindows, HangingWindows, AggressiveWindows, DoubleWindows and SingleWindows. These five Windows are the base of the entire methodology.

Then, you will be taken into Larrys Training Module and be drilled by Larry on a bar-by-bar basis. As you progress through the module, you will be taught how to trade the Windows Strategy. You will also be taught advanced window techniques and strategies which are being made public for the first time. These strategies and techniques include:

  • How to capture the most powerful portion of any rally using Larry Connors’ First Windows No doubt you have witnessed time and time again how the initial stage of a rally is often the most explosive. Once you have learned Larry’s technique of First Windows, you will be able to easily find them and trade these high-velocity moves on a daily basis. You only have to witness how Pixar (PIXR) exploded higher off its Nov. 11 “First Window Pullback,” to understand the power of these moves.
  • How to be in great intraday moves, trading the E-minis and SPYs. Now you’ll identify them consistently with The Windows Strategy For the very first time, Larry Connors has published a methodology to daytrade the E-Minis and SPYs, combining Windows with the VIX. This strategy will allow you to trade intraday market reversals that many times explode in movement.
  • How to get maximum point gains in only 3 to 4 days through Window Size – One of the simplest observations you can make every time you identify a Windows formation is the size of the Window. As Larry will show you, you will be able to increase your point gains simply by focusing the largest Windows. And you only have to look at Sears (S) on Oct. 15, 2002, to see the proof of this. Its collapse of 11.85 points in 2 days speaks volumes.
  •  Consistently trade where the strongest momentum is by applying the Windows Strategy to stocks, futures, options and even international markets — The Windows Strategy is a simple, universal pattern that works in all actively traded markets!
  • Learn the key to long-term trading success…Trade Management This is critical! For those of you who are familiar with Larrys Weekly Battle Plan piece published on, how you execute once you enter a trade is more important than anything else. Obsessive focus on trade management is the major theme of this training module. After you have learned the setups directly from Larry, you will be walked through trade after trade on a bar-by-bar basis, making buy and sell decisions. After you make these decisions, Larrys in-depth analysis will be provided to you to assure that you are managing the trade as perfectly as possible. When you have completed this training module, you will have a stronger understanding of how to properly manage a trade. You will also be able to leverage this knowledge to all other strategies, better than you have in your entire trading career!

The Connors’ Windows Strategy Module Content

Larry’s Module Is Presented In Two Sections.

In Section I , you’ll learn the complete Windows Strategy. Larry will teach you the full details and parameters that are required to identify and successfully trade this powerful short-term strategy in stocks, futures, options and ETFs.

Then, in Section II , Larry will drill you through over 35 meticulously detailed simulations on a bar-by-bar basis. In each and every bar of each of the simultaneous, Larry reveals his full thought process. You’ll be picking Larry brain and receive knowledge that you can immediate apply to all aspects of your trading.

Section I: Developing The Secrets Of The Windows Strategy

By the time you finish this part of Larry’s teaching module, you will be able to…

  • Maximize your short-term gains and minimize risk through 5 variations of the Windows Strategy. You’ll learn complete details and parameters of each of the 5 Windows Strategies. These 5 strategies include “SingleWindows,” DoubleWindows,” “AggressiveWindows,” “HangingWindows,” and “GapWindows.” The choice is yours. If you want frequent signals, use SingleWindows. But if you want the most powerful, high-probability signals (which occur less frequently) focus on the GapWindows. The risk/reward characteristics of these and the other variations is described.
  • Enter a trade just as short-term reversals are about to begin. These reversals occur in pullbacks that appears to suddenly end the major trend. But the TradingWindows Strategy will teach you how to detect when a snap-back resumption of the trend is about to occur. You will enter at the meat of this move which occurs at the beginning of this snap-back.
  • The entry and exit strategies to apply to the Windows Strategy for consistent and reliable results. Once you learn the Windows Strategy, Larry will immediately take you to the proficiency level of the traders he has directly mentored and to whom he taught this strategy. You will learn the best entry strategies, money management rules, and profit-taking strategies. Each one of these ideas alone can boost your results…and the combination of Larry’s two decades of trading experience will take your trading to the next level.
  • Always trade with the odds in your favor. The Windows Strategy is one of Larry’s bread-and-butter strategies as it has become for the small tight-knit group he has taught the strategy. Far from being a strategy designed for “gunslingers,” the Window Strategy is for traders who want a methodical and reliable way to catch the fastest reversals from pullbacks.
  • The TradingWindows pattern is simple, purely objective and mechanical. Using only price action and a special pattern in two commonly used indicators, you will be able to recognize this pattern and its variations within minutes.

Section II: Learn To Apply Larry Connors’ Windows Strategy Successfully

Here’s the best part. In Section II, you will finalize your mastery of the Windows Strategy by working with Larry Connors through a series of over 35 real-world trading simulations. Not only will you gain hands-on experience applying the Windows Strategy, but with every moment that passes and every bar that appears, you will have unrestricted access to the thoughts and insights that Larry has, as he analyzes and evaluates the situation.

Is there any difference between having Larry sit next you as you trade? You be the judge!

And in every bar, you will have the opportunity to put your knowledge of the Windows Strategy to the ultimate test:

You must decide whether to “buy,” “sell” or “do nothing” across a wide variety of different markets, time frames and trends.

With each decision you make, you will find out immediately what Larry would have done (or actually did do in the trade) and why. Plus, you will receive additional valuable insights that you can apply to your overall trading. By repeating these drills over and over again, you’ll perfect your ability to take the correct action, just like those who have been directly mentored by Larry Connors.

Here’s what these simulations offer you:

  • The ability to gain insights that assure that you will be able to apply the Windows Strategy successfully. Often the missing piece that keeps traders from attaining their full potential is the inability to execute properly. In Larry’s module you will not only gain the essential knowledge on the Windows Strategy, but you will receive the direct benefit of Larry’s more than 20 years experience on Wall Street. Every time you make a decision, Larry will critique you and teach you what he did or would have done in that situation.
  • The training that will condition you to enter at the right time and exit for maximum profits. The simulations will enable you to learn from your mistakes without risking any capital. You’ll learn proper entries, trade management techniques, and how to exit in order in order to capture the maximum extent of a move, without the risk of giving back your gains. Experiencing what it feels like to execute properly over and over again, will enable you to quickly and effectively transfer that experience to the real world.
  • You will have the unprecedented opportunity to be trained on the same training module that Larry used to train the private trader who has been entrusted to trade Larry’s own money. Plus, you will be trading the very same short-term equities strategy that Larry is using for his own trading!

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