Mark Rose – HAV Trading

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Mark Rose – HAV Trading

Original price was: $685.00.Current price is: $125.00.


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What I learned from my trading mentor …


… and how you can learn the secret too

Dear Reader,

Sure, it’s very possible to succeed in trading without a mentor.

But when someone shows you the ropes … the tricks … and shares their very own, proven investment technique … it’s like getting a leg up.

Without the man I’d like to introduce you to today, I’m in no doubt I’d have made more mistakes … I’d have struggled … and would be poorer.

So, I’d like to share with you the story of how I met this man … how he came to share the secret of his success with me … and how now, 5 years later, I have his blessing to share the same secret with you.

It’s a simple secret – just a very basic, once-a-week checklist of three criteria. It’ll take just minutes to do … yet this is a method that’s produced results that would have any fund manager weeping into his Egyptian cotton pillow.

Since the beginning of 2010, this dead simple method has made over 186% profit.

Last year alone, it made 37.41%


But I’m getting ahead of myself …. Let me tell you how this journey began.

Back in 2011, I drove up the M40 to the outskirts of Birmingham

I’d set up a meeting with a man who’d I’d been chatting to on the phone and by email for a while – and who I was intrigued to meet.

He was a spritely octogenarian, who’d just produced an annual return for himself, his family and few select clients in excess of 50%. And he had a track record going back to 2000.

The man’s name was Val Harrison.

For a few months, Val teased me by telling me how incredibly simple his method was … how all he had to do was follow 3 simple rules, like a checklist … that anyone could do it if they just knew the secret.

I’ll admit it was infuriating – but I guess Val wanted to be sure he could trust me. That I wouldn’t run off with his secret and claim it as my own.

It took me a year to persuade him to share the secret.

And another year to persuade him to reveal it to a select number of traders through his HAV Trading strategy.

HAV Trading was first released back in 2013, and since then it’s brought in profits of 97.7 %.

These kinds of returns may sound quite modest compared to some of the results that trading strategies boast … but remember, this is once-a-week, long-term investing. It holds trades for weeks, making 100s of points profit at a time.

This is a direct rejection of short-term trading (the kind that suffers wild ups and downs, and only makes your broker rich!)

But let me tell you a bit about Val, and how he discovered this amazing 3-step method

Val is not a banker or a professional City trader. In fact, he used to be a veterinary surgeon.

He even had his own animal hospital in Birmingham.

If you’re wondering what a vet has to teach about making money – I don’t blame you. At first glance, he seems an unlikely investment mentor.

But please bear with me.

Val first began trading the financial markets way back in the 1970s, dabbling with equities and managing his own pension fund. He quickly realized that this was something he was good at, and within a few years had made enough money to retire from his veterinary practice.

But trading had got into his blood.

He kept on trading … set up a financial consultancy … ran a million-pound commodity syndicate … wrote books on the subject … contributed regularly to the Financial Times … even appeared on the BBC Money Programme …

Val Harrison Investors Chronicle Story

And while he was making good money, something was niggling at him … he wanted to find something that could make his children financially independent. Not just giving them a pile of cash – but a simple way to trade that they could apply again and again in the markets – a strategy that they or anyone could use …

… then, in 2009, he made a discovery.

Something that blew away all the trading knowledge he’d built up over the previous 40 years.

Something so simple, and so consistently profitable that anyone could apply it.

It was 3 easy steps – a bit like a check list – that could be followed just once a week by a complete novice.

And according to his backtesting, it had an 80% success rate on the FTSE, going back 10 years!

By ticking off these 3 simple steps every Monday morning (or Sunday evening), someone who’d never placed a trade before in their lives could achieve consistent profits, year after year.

This was the kind of knowledge that could change everything. It was dynamite.

But Val felt it was just too good to be true, so he spent months going through old data, testing and retesting across different time periods, and different markets – could something this simple really be this consistently profitable?

Again and again, the results came in showing winning trade after winning trade.

At the end of this letter, I’ll show you a breakdown of those tests, including live trading results since 2010.

But you’re probably wondering what my involvement is in this …

Val Harrison Photo

My name is Mark Rose. I’m a trader, and also a passionate blogger on the subject. And, when I find a trading method that I’m really excited about, I like to share it with others.

So, when Val agreed to share his method with an elite group of investors, we worked together to launch HAV Trading, back in 2013.

But at the start of 2016, Val took the decision to retire from running his HAV Trading system.

So, this is where I stepped back in, and now I manage all the support for HAV Trading for Val’s long-standing clients, and …

… this is the exciting bit …

Until now, in order to keep Val’s work load manageable, we’ve kept membership numbers really tightly controlled …

… but now I’m able to expand that membership circle.

I’ll still be keeping numbers limited, but this autumn I’ll be opening the doors to 100 new members.

This means that 100 new traders get a chance to benefit from this gem of an investment tool.

I’m expecting these places to be snapped up quickly – it’s not often that an opportunity like this comes along …

HAV Trading is genuinely unique

  • Set and forget
  • Only check once a week
  • A 16 year pedigree

There’s nothing out there that can match this!

What Val’s long-term clients
have to say …

“Val is not a “get rich quick merchant”. His trading methods are based on sound research and unlike others working in the investment industry there is no hard sell. A first class product developed by an honest and trustworthy individual. Well done on the system, fabulous work.”
Colin C. Dublin

”Hi Val
I am writing to say how pleased I am with the HAV trading method. I have been following it since May and am extremely happy with the excellent trading advice and investment returns. I find your advice and signals very easy to follow and welcome realising such good returns on just a few trades.
Your weekly newsletters and updates tell me exactly what to do and when to trade. Many thanks for inventing and making available this unique system.”
SJT Leicester

”Your calls have still generated 20% return TAX FREE.”

Let me explain why HAV Trading is not like other trading methods you’ve come across …

If you’ve ever tried spread betting, or have considered giving it a go, you may have come across this statistic:

“90% of all spread betters fail.”

It’s a shocking figure, and it astounds me that it doesn’t put more traders off.

But here’s another, less-often quoted statistic: 90% of spread betters are following daily bets. That means they are opening and closing their trades within the space of a few days, and often just a few hours.

This is no coincidence.

Betting on which way the market will move from one hour (or minute) to the next, normally involves a good deal of guess work.

Some traders get lucky.

But most don’t.

And yet the markets are awash with these day traders – all trying to snatch a few points here, a few points there.

Trying to scalp 20 points here, 30 points there can a be a fun pastime if you’ve the time to spare watching the markets all day.

But HAV Trading isn’t about fishing for these kinds of numbers. I’m talking about serious investing – following big market moves of hundreds of points.

And once you discover how to do this, and how little work it takes to catch these big moves – you’ll wonder why you ever went hunting for 20 or 30 points at a time!

HAV trading is about finding really good, solid trades – and sticking with them for weeks, while they accumulate serious profits.

HAV Trading methods

It’s time to answer a serious question …

Are you a gambler? Or are you an investor?

If you’re a gambler, then try picking up profits on short-term bets. It’s fun and exciting, but then so is sky diving. And neither is likely to make you rich.

If, on the other hand, you’re an investor, and you’re serious about making a really good return on your money, then keep reading …

What I want to tell you about is a different way to trade. It’s slow and steady – some would call it downright boring.

In fact, it’s nothing like the other spread-bet systems you’ll find out there.

But in 2015, it made £9,165.89 … and in 2016 it made £9,353.42 … and since the beginning of 2010, it’s made £49,439.07 …

”Val, you have developed an amazing system which each week I open your emails with fascination … I value your system and your emails.”

”You are one of the genuine people around in a sea of sharks.”
I.W. Barrow

”I have enjoyed and gained from the system which is remarkable. I have no hesitation in recommending it to people who recognise markets go up and down and in that context this system gives you a head start – you can’t get better than that.”
J K Birmingham

”I have followed Mr Harrison’s investment projects for many years. The service I have received from him after purchase of his manuals has always been exemplary. He has always responded to any of my queries or requests for additional information quickly, succinctly and to the point. As an unusual and alternative trading method, it is to be commended.”
A.B. Dorset

In the real world of investing, I’d call that pretty exciting.

Okay, I’ll admit that it may look modest compared to the outlandish claims some of those day-trading systems make – you know, the ones that tell you it’s possible to double your money each month! But, let’s face it, have any of these ever really lived up to the claims on a consistent basis?

Do any of them have a 16-year history behind them?

If it’s a get-rich-quick strategy you’re after, then you should probably stop reading here. There are plenty of systems like that out there – and some of them may work for a month or two, before you hit a dry patch.

But if you’re actually interested in sound investment principles that can deliver high returns year after year – I’m talking about a track record going back nearly 16 years, plus live trading since 2010 – then please keep reading, because next I want to explain the 3 steps of HAV Trading – and just how you can start using them yourself …

The 3 steps … revealed …

As soon as you give me the go-ahead, I’ll send you the full details of Val’s 3-step checklist.

All you need to do is tick them off each Monday morning (or Sunday evening, if that suits you better). It’ll take just a few minutes … and that’s it! Your work for the week is done.

You won’t need to check your positions or look at a chart again until the following week.

In fact … it can be even simpler than that. Each weekend, I’ll email you with the exact details of my trades – so, you can just copy those if you want to make your life really easy!

So, today, I’d like to send you the HAV Trading manual. This short book reveals the 3 secret steps and how to use them.

I’d like to offer you this book on a trial basis – so that you can discover for yourself just how profitable this simple trading method can be.

You will also get 12 months of my email service, which means I’ll email you with all signals (so you don’t even have to pick up the manual!)

Unlike many other products, HAV Trading doesn’t come with any flash video presentations …
there are no interactive DVDs … and no complex software to download …

”I started using the HAV system in August 2010 with a very small stake of £1 per point on the Dow and made £435 with very little risk. I increased my stakes slightly on the next two trades and at the close of the year my gain was £1067.
Now that I am comfortable with the system, I will be trading at the maximum stakes recommended for a £25,000 bank and I look forward to a successful 2011.”
Stuart C. Chepstow

”Hi Val
Just to let you know that I find the way you keep in touch and the service excellent.”
Eddie B. Dublin

I’m sorry if that disappoints you. But that isn’t really what trading is about.

My objective is to get the facts down for you in the simplest possible way I know how.

No razzamatazz.

No “free extras”.

No gimmicks.

But that doesn’t mean you’re left on your own to work things out for yourself – far from it.

Each weekend, you’ll receive my email, showing EXACTLY what trades we will be opening on the Monday morning – so you can do the same. I’ll also let you know of any adjustments I’m making to trades that are already open.

That way you can be 100% confident that you’re ready to trade each Monday morning /Sunday evening.

And that’s it!

In fact, if you rely on the emails, you won’t even need to look at a chart!

It really is that simple. You only need to check your trades once a week! And that process should take you less than ten minutes.

Please note that you don’t need the emails to profit from the HAV Trading method – everything you need is in the manual. But I appreciate that it can be useful to use the alerts to double-check your methods while you’re finding your feet.

I’ll send you these emails for free for the next 12 months, which is more than long enough for you to become totally confident in how to apply the HAV Trading method.

But if you’d like to keep receiving my emails and alerts, you can choose to do that too.

“The signals work and my £2500 initial bank is now up just over £600 in profit! Can’t complain with that!”
Jon Wakefield

“For once, it is a trading product that actually ‘does what it says on the tin’! And once weekly quick set-and-forget = ideal for someone both busy and lazy!”
J.P. Twickenham

“Best trading ever … Most trades in profit. The system is simple and Val support is Excellent. My previous trading was stressful but now it has changed and I have more time.”

“I must say a great system … Keep up the good work”
Terry, London

“HAV Trading to date is very successful for me, and generally just trading on a Sunday night / Monday morning suits me right down to the ground.”
R.O. – Northamptonshire

“But I absolutely love this system – it is generating profits, anyone who can find their way around the charts can do simple back tests to see for themselves that the HAV-method works over time and in the long run … It is however a system which – six months in (and you do need to give it at least this long ) is now yielding big profits and a ramp up of my trading pot. For all that long term (in traders terms) talk, I have scooped £800+ from an order on the Japanese Index in just seven days.”
Nick from Old Trafford

And that really is all there is to it

Of course, you’ll also have my personal email address – so that I can help you with any queries that may arise.

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but I’m 100% convinced that this is the best way to trade – pared down to the nuts and bolts of trading. In my opinion, what’s important is that HAV Trading makes you money.

And making money is something that it’s been doing in spades!

You can find a blow-by-blow account of the HAV Trading track record at the end of this letter. These results go all the way back to 2000.

No holds barred …

Since I started live trading in 2010, HAV trades have created a profit of £46,505.69

Another thing you’ll notice about these results is how often HAV Trading trades …

As I said before, we’re not day trading here.

I’m not interested in jumping in and out of trades willy-nilly because it takes my fancy, or because I’m bored, or because I’m being greedy …

HAV Trading waits for really, really solid set-ups – and goes for substantial profits every time.

And every weekend, I’ll let you know exactly what trades there are, so all you need to do is place them when the markets have opened on Monday morning (or Sunday evening, if that’s more convenient for you).

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put my money on the line unless I’m really confident that it’s going to earn me a return. Remember, this isn’t gambling – this is serious investing.

For me, personally, meeting Val Harrison and discovering HAV Trading has been a turning point in my trading – these days I’m more interested in solid, long-term profits that in catching a big gain now, which may have evaporated in a few months’ time.

And I hope that you, too, will be able to use these 3 secrets to find the same kind of long-term freedom for yourself.

Remember, that when you start HAV Trading, I’ll be trading alongside you every step of the way. And with my weekly emails, explaining exactly how to apply the HAV Trading strategy, you will be left in no doubt about what to do.


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