Larry Williams – Cracking the Money Code

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Larry Williams – Cracking the Money Code

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $28.00.


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Larry Williams – Cracking the Money CodeLarry Williams – Cracking the Money Code

I have been trading now for over 50 years… I have taught more people to trade futures and be successful at trading than just about anyone…

My first course in the LWU curriculum, Cracking the Money Code, I will teach you the Core Fundamentals of Trading.I’d like you to be my next student!
I have made millions of dollars trading futures and commodities – something no other commodity teacher or “guru” can say.
I hope that will hold your attention long enough for me to explain your opportunities.
course pictureIf you want to learn about trading the futures and commodities markets or if you have been trading (but not successfully), you have come to the right place.
Futures and Commodities Trading is not for everyone, perhaps not you. It takes time, dedicationspacer and focus.
If you can do that, it can be very profitable and a heck of a lot of fun. I’d like to tell you all about trading futures and commodities and my “system of trading.”
Dear Friend,
larry picture
I can teach you to trade. I have spent more than 50 years trading real money in the futures and commodities markets, and I have discovered what I believe is the ESSENCE of futures and commodities trading.

I have discovered a series of simple, yet amazingly effective “keys” that let you crack the money code – and know instantly which direction a commodity or futures market could be headed.

I have gone LIGHT-YEARS beyond previous futures and commodities books, futures seminars and training courses with my CRACKING THE MONEY CODE course.

This course is the next best thing to me actually coming into your living room and demonstrating the trading techniques to you, live.

My CRACKING THE MONEY CODE futures and commodities course is the specially designed program for someone who is serious about learning how to trade futures and commodities.

Here is what you get:larry image
You get to watch me DEMONSTRATE my techniques in a series of video lessons, 4 sessions in total – each session is approximately 1 hr.

In these step-by-step lessons, all taped live on video, I’ll walk you through ALL of the “Secret Keys” I use for Cracking the Money Code.

This is hours of intense, focused, one-on-one, personal, in-depth instruction all aimed at one thing: making you into the best futures and commodities trader you can be!

First, I reveal secret techniques that let you know instantly WHICH markets to trade.

Best of all, I show you just how simple these “Secret Keys” are to use. Most of them you will be able to apply in less than 1 minute. I teach you precisely how I identify “set up” markets so that you can know which futures and commodities markets to watch and trade on your own. Plus, I will tell you everything I have learned about the most popular futures and commodities trading systems. And I will give you valuable “street advice” that you can not learn in a book – advice that you can only learn from years of real-money trading.

Second, I show you WHEN to trade… and how to take advantage of seasonal swings in key commodities and futures markets. I will teach you how to identify which markets to trade. I reveal my entry and exit strategies that let me time my actual buy and sell signals for maximum potential profits.

Third, I reveal my secrets for HOW you trade. Beginners can make a lot of silly mistakes, but I will tell you in advance what to do, so you will trade more like a pro from the start. I will show everything I have learned from more than 50 years of real-money trading regarding managing your money… using stops and timed exit techniques… and controlling your risk.

You get my comprehensive 182-page CRACKING THE MONEY CODE TRADING PDF MANUAL.
This comprehensive, 182 page digital pdf manual is a complete study guide – with step-by-step lessons and detailed charts – all keyed to the video lessons that explain and illustrate my BEST futures trading techniques, methods, strategies and money management rules.

This guide takes someone with zero knowledge of trading the futures & commodities markets and gets them up to speed, FAST. (Have you read the dislcaimer on the bottom of this page? On behalf of the government I urge you to).

I will teach you the actual entry and exit techniques I use to execute the trades— the course gives you mountains of detailed information. You will truly understand how an experienced futures and commodities trader operates.

For example, you will learn:
• How to spot a potential trade in different markets…

• How to avoid the most common mistakes made by novice traders…

• A famous futues & commodities trading system I once paid $300,000 to learn- revealed to you in detail…

• How to manage your money and reduce the risks involved in trading…

• How you can know, in two seconds or less, when the market superpowers may be expecting prices to shift…

• How to catch a ride on seasonal trends…

• How to precisely determine the best exit point – before you enter a trade!

• The right way and the wrong way to read price charts – plus 5 simple indicators that tell you instantly which direction a market could be headed…

• How to tell in advance which way a “sideways” market may break out…

• The crucial patterns that let experienced traders identify the best potential markets to trade…

• How to evaluate under-valued and over-valued markets…

And that’s just the beginning!
This 182 page pdf manual is truly one of the most comprehensive, up-to-date, “real world” manuals I have ever seen – a virtual encyclopedia of trading the markets. Best of all, it’s easy to read- and FUN! The truth is, Cracking the Money Code is so simple, a smart teenager could do it… and this manual shows you how to do it step by step.

Course Material
4 1-Hour On Line Videos of Larry personally teaching you to trade futures and commodities

182-Page Detailed PDF Course Manual

Audio on Money Management

New Bonus Video on Trading in Today’s Markets

About my method…
I have prepared a 4-hour video of me personally teaching you what I do in the futures and commodities markets, why I do it, and when I do it. This is a complete program and covers all the bases… even if you never have traded futures and commodities before. There is nothing else you need to buy from me.

No experience needed… just my knowledge.

In this video I take your hand — and mind— assuming you are brand new to the game, and personally open the doors to my amazing world.

I will teach you more about that index you just looked at (in the free lesson) for gold and the stock market… show you where to get the data (for free), how to construct it, and reveal my other indicators that show when markets are usually primed for major up and down moves.

But there is more… quite a bit more… there’s also my 182-page “Cracking the Code” pdf manual I just mentioned to further explain and show you in a step-by-step process what you need to learn. You will learn when to get in… and out.

There are 100% mechanical rules there for you to follow. It is concise, no mumbo jumbo. You will learn exactly how I have come to believe the markets move from point A to point B. No signal is guaranteed, nor can it be. But, it is precise. right or wrong.

$181,000,000 OF PROFITS IN 2002

Money Back Guarantee…
All this comes with a 6-month money back guarantee… so powerful you will need have no fear in ordering.

Here it is…
If you are not satisfied with the course and material… for any reason… or no reason at all… let me know and I will refund the full price. No questions asked… if you are not pleased, I don’t want you to pay a penny.Guarantee Seal

There are no hoops to jump through to get your money back or pro-rata deals.

I’d rather have your personal respect than your money. You are happy or I make the refund… quickly and with courtesy. It’s just that simple and Iron Clad.

I will treat you like I want to be treated.

I will even teach you my version of the “Turtle Trading System.” This is the method used by a group called the Turtles, the Wall Street Journal reported collectively that they made over $181,000,000 in 2002. In 2003 Futures Magazine reported that the Turtles manage about $1.4 Billion… 5 of the World’s Top 10 Futures Managers were Turtles.

I paid $300,000 to one of the Turtles for this system and will teach it to you, just as one of the Original Turtles taught it to me, (plus my new and improved version).

And there is still more…
You will also get access to a special audio file that I have recorded to explain Money Management… I want to make sure you take as much risk as possible out of what we do, and I will teach you why not all risk can be avoided. So there are two things we must do. It is not enough to teach just rewards, I teach risk control as well.

Just think…you get 4 hours of video lessons, a complete course manual, the audio on money management, and the Billion Dollar successful Turtle Trading System! In a few short hours you will learn much of what I know about the markets!

I know what you are thinking… this must be expensive… courses like this usually sell for several thousand dollars.

Believe me, this course is worth thousands of dollars but it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars!

A question for you…
Well… that is it… my story is over… the next story I am interested in is yours… I would like to be part of the next chapter in your life. But I can’t be if you just sit there… you have to order the course. Now, today, before you forget about it.

If you do not take action today, what will the rest your life be like… you can see the changes I have brought about in other lives… why not yours? Let me make you the winner you want to be… getting the respect and pride you deserve.

Regardless of what time it is right now, you can call the 1-800-800-8333 number OR order online… and do not forget my Iron Clad money back guarantee… go ahead… order… now.

With all my best wishes,

Larry Williams

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