Joe Marwood – Jesse Livermore Trading System

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Joe Marwood – Jesse Livermore Trading System

Original price was: $125.00.Current price is: $30.00.


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Joe Marwood - Jesse Livermore Trading SystemJoe Marwood – Jesse Livermore Trading System


What you’ll learn:

  • Discover 25 time-tested rules from the greatest trader of all time
  • Learn Jesse Livermore’s investing secrets as detailed in his famous book Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.
  • Master the art of successful trend trading for maximum profits.
  • Learn how to cut losses short, let winners run and conquer your emotions.
  • Learn why price is all that matters and how to follow the line of least resistance.
  • Learn a complete trading strategy based on Jesse’s rules that has been backtested on 26 years of historical data, and receive the full code for that system.
  • A short and fun course that explores all of Jesse’s most important trading lessons.

A Wall Street Classic

In 1923, a financial journalist named Edwin Lefevre interviewed an investor called Jesse Livermore and he published a book on the trader’s life called Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

To this day, the book remains a Wall Street classic and sits on the desk of many of the best traders.

The book is regarded as an essential read by such well known traders as Ed Seykota, Paul Tudor Jones and even former head of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan.

If you’ve read the Market Wizards series you will know that so many legendary traders have called this book a true classic and this book continues to help thousands of traders learn the markets today.

But do Jesse’s trading rules have any merit in today’s markets?

Well one thing Jesse used to say is that the same market patterns, the same trends occur over and over again. So if that’s true, then Jesses rules should work just as well today as they did then.

And on this course not only will we go over Jesse’s most important trading rules but I’m going to put those rules into actual code and backtest them to see whether or not they work in today’s markets.

The results are both surprising and promising.

Who was Jesse Livermore?

Well, he was born in Massachusetts, in 1877 and in his twenties he moved to New York City to speculate in the stock and commodities market full time.

Over a time period of forty years of trading, Jesse developed an incredible skill for speculation and is said to have accumulated and lost millions of dollars several times over.

At the peak of his fortune, in 1929, Jesse was said to be worth around $100 million. In today’s money, that would be worth somewhere between $1 and $14 billiion.

But Jesse didn’t earn that money trading other people’s funds, he was a completely self-made man, trading with his own money.

He earned the nicknames of Boy Wonder, Boy plunger, and the great bear of Wall Street and his story is one of the most fascinating ever told on Wall Street.

Ultimately, the Jesse Livermore story ended badly, as he committed suicide in 1940.

However, that fact doesn’t detract from his immense trading talent nor the incredible lessons that we can learn from studying Jesse’s career.

Jesse’s Best Trading Rules

Throughout this course we will look at Jesse’s best trading rules as detailed in the famous book and we will get right to the heart and strategy of the master trader.

You’ll learn how to become an expert trend trader, the importance of cutting losses and letting winners run, why you should never listen to tips, and why price always follows the line of least resistance.

A Complete Trading System

Then at the end, you’ll discover a trading system that I’ve developed based on Jesse Livermore’s trading principles. This is a quantitative trend following strategy that shows a performance of 19% in historical backtests and is included with full code and rules.

Course Curriculum

StartIntroduction to the course. (3:02)
StartDisclaimer & Risk Warning (1:36)
Jess Livermore Trading Rules
Start1 There’s nothing new on Wall Street (3:03)
Start2 Follow the line of least resistance (4:02)
Start3 You can’t catch all the fluctuations (3:57)
Start4 Know when to sit tight (3:24)
Start5 Good trades work straight away (1:48)
Start6 Practice makes perfect (2:01)
Start7 The only side is the right side (2:50)
Start8 Risk management (2:28)
Start9 Irrational investors (2:24)
Start10 You can’t tell till you bet (4:00)
Start11 In a bear market all stocks go down (4:09)
Start12 In a narrow market, wait (3:35)
Start13 Never argue with the tape (2:24)
Start14 Hope And Fear (2:11)
Start15 Don’t trade for excitement (3:50)
Start16 Don’t listen to tips (2:12)
Start17 Taking losses is part of the game (2:21)
Start18 Wait for confirmation (3:34)
Start19 Never average losses (3:20)
Start20 Don’t pick the turns (1:46)
Start21 It’s never too high or too low (3:48)
Start22 Don’t confuse the tape (4:44)
Start23 Your greatest enemy is yourself (5:51)
Start24 A speculation is not an investment (1:46)
Start25 Don’t be the sucker (2:38)
Jesse Livermore Trading System
StartSetting up the rules and backtest settings (11:07)
StartBacktest results and equity curve (6:41)
StartDeeper analysis and thoughts on the system. (15:31)
StartTrading System Code For Amibroker
StartJesse Livermore Trading System Step By Step.
The End
StartThank you for watching (1:17)

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