Brett J.Fogle – Strategy Spotlight Series

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Brett J.Fogle – Strategy Spotlight Series

Original price was: $2,947.00.Current price is: $230.00.


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Brett J.Fogle – Strategy Spotlight SeriesBrett J.Fogle – Strategy Spotlight Series

Our NEW ‘Strategy Spotlight’ Live Video
Classes Feature a New Option Strategy
Every Month, Covered in Amazing Detail,
and Show You How To Bank Big Profits
in the Markets Using Options!

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Take Your
Options Knowledge To the Next Level…

Then This May Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read!

– Brett Fogle, Co-Founder
The Options University

Dear Friend,

When you first started trading options, you probably found them to be somewhat confusing. Let’s face it, options are much more complicated than stocks.

Since not as many people understand them, less people are trading options. But all that is about the change, and change FAST!

In fact, A recent Barron’s article quoted the CEO of a major online brokerage as saying:

“… the number of accounts that traded either a covered call or a protective put rose more than 50% in the third quarter from a year ago”

Why Some People Localhost Always Make
Money in the Options Markets

It’s not luck.

Luck never lasts in the long run.

The people who make consistent and sizeable profits in any market are the people at the top of their game. The people with the BEST information win.

And if you don’t have it… I want you to keep in mind one thing…

You’re up against people who do..

So if you’re serious about making money with options, you want to make sure you have the best information and strategies out there.

When we started The Options University a little over two years ago, we formed the company with one goal in mind…

To provide the very best options education available anywhere, at any price…

I’d say we’ve accomplished 99% of what we set out to do and frankly, we’re just getting started. From our Options 101 and Advanced Home Study Courses, to our Options Mastery Video CD Library, our proprietary options trading software, to our Live Options Mastery Web classes with options expert Ron Ianieri…

We’re putting the very best tools, techniques, and strategies together for you to help you make money with options!


Don’t Settle For Losing Money With Your
Options Trading —  Do Something About It Today!

To make this information available to all of our students, and to accommodate people with limited time schedules…

We’re going to teach one strategy per month, from A to Z, for a full two hours on the third Thursday of every month, followed by a two hour review teleseminar and live Q&A.

Here’s what we’ll cover for each strategy:

  • Introduction and full review of each strategy’s structure and composition. You’ll understand how each strategy is put together, inside and out!
  • Review of Greek and Synthetic positions of each strategy. These are very important and seldom taught anywhere else, but we’ll show you here!
  • How to use technical analysis to spot exactly which situations each strategy works best in, and how to implement it properly. This is very popular among our students!
  • How to setup the strategy in multiple ways, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy. Learn the Pros and Cons of each!
  • How to ‘Roll’ positions from month to month. This is essential for making maximum profits from your trades!
  • How to ‘Morph’ positions into other positions to decrease risk and exposure,and to take advantage of new trading opportunities. Don’t miss this!
  • How to exit and close your strategies to increase cost efficiency, therefore saving you money in commissions. This could save you thousands!
  • How positions react to sudden changes in variables and how to view their performance. We’ll examine several scenarios for each strategy!
  • How to adjust positions to protect and enhance your investment dollars from these changes in variables. This is very important but often overlooked!
  • How to use technical analysis to risk manage the position. Here we’ll tie in how to match the expected stock direction to the just right option!

15 of the Most Powerful Options Trading
Strategies Available Anywhere — Guaranteed!

You won’t find any tired, re-hashed ‘pie-in-the-sky’ strategies here.

Just time-tested PROVEN options trading strategies that work. These are the very same strategies that professional options traders have used on the floor for years to maximize profits and minimize risk. The key is in knowing How and When to use the right strategy!

And that’s exactly what we’ll teach you each and every month.

We’ll show you in excruciating detail how to put on each strategy and in what situation it works best —  complete with graphs, charts, and real option data delivered to you live in our private web-conferencing room online.

Just look at the class schedule below to get an idea of what you’ll be learning each month:

     Strategy Spotlight Series 2006-2007 ScheduleClass times are: 3:00PM EST for International Members
9:00PM EST for Domestic US Members
Classes are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month as follows:Month 1 – The Covered Call (Buy-Write) Strategy
Month 2 – The Stock Replacement Strategy
Month 3 – The Stock Replacement Covered Call Strategy
Month 4 – The Covered Put (Sell-Write) Strategy
Month 5 – The Protective Put Strategy
Month 6 – The Synthetic Put Strategy
Month 7 – Bull Spreads
Month 8 – Bear Spreads
Month 9 – Time Spreads
Month 10 – Long Straddles
Month 11 – Long Strangles
Month 12 – Short Straddles
Month 13 – Short Strangle
Month 14 – The Butterfly Strategy
Month 15 – The Condor Strategy

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